October 1, 2014

Green Moneta

This is my green Moneta. I've only worn it once since we have had such a warm fall so far, but I’m looking forward to wearing it with boots and tights as the days cool off. When I first saw the collar variations. I thought the tie collar would look great in a forest green. I searched all over for just the right fabric, I went to three different fabric stores and could not find the right thing, but then just as I was about to leave Mill End empty handed I looked up and there it was on some weird high shelf. I had to get someone to come over and help me. And then, the best part of it all was that it was only $7/yd and it was super wide so I only had to buy two yards!

This went together really quick. I made plans to use my mom’s serger one Sunday. I cut it out one evening the week before and then put it together in a few hours on the serger. I am not a serger expert, so mom helped in a few spots. Attaching the collar was a little tricky since you have to do it in the round, but we figured it out.
I made a few pattern adjustments from my previous Moneta, I narrowed the neckline a little bit (had to make sure to change the collar pattern also) and cut about an inch off the bodice. If I did this again I would probably modify the collar pattern so that it is all one piece, not front and back. This is a pretty thick jersey and the seams look pretty bulky.

I got lots of compliments the one day I did wear it to work, it is always fun to see people’s reactions when I tell them I made something that I am wearing. :)