November 10, 2015

House quilt

I've wanted to make a house quilt for quite a while, but it kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list while I tried to catch up on UFOs. My small quilt group has been doing a bee, and each month someone brings some fabric and a pattern and we make two blocks and bring them back the next month. 
September was my turn and I decided to outsource my house quilt dreams. I went through my scraps and pulled together coordinating but mismatched fabrics in bright colors. I asked that the roofs be a black and white print and the doors be red. I gave my group free range other than that. I encouraged paper piecing, but it wasn't required. 

I tried paper piecing for the first time on this project and I love it! I even tried drafting a few patterns of my own, which didn't turn out exactly as planned, but still look pretty good. If you have never done paper piecing, I'd say go for it! It's not as scary as you think. Find a good tutorial video and make sure to set your stitch length pretty short. 

I'm working on scrappy flying geese for between two rows, and a scrappy postage stamp border. 

I made a few trees. I was thinking I'd put them all together to be a park, but I might just space them out between the blocks. 

I love the way these all turned out and can't wait to get it all finished.