February 12, 2014

Wedding Bunting Quilt in progress

It has been six months since my husband and I got married and I am finally getting a chance to put together some of the memorabilia from the wedding. A few weeks ago I took all the cards we got and punched holes with my mini punch along the side and threaded bakers twine through the holes to make a "book." I also did this with the cards I got at my bridal shower (which was almost a year ago, some projects take a while).

One of the biggest projects before the wedding was cutting out all the bunting. It was lots of weekends going through the scrap bin, ironing and ending up with pinking shear claw hand. I had lots of help from my mom and my bridesmaids but I also cut a lot out myself. And then my mom like a total champ sewed them all to bias tape. I think we ended up with something like 300 feet of bunting. And check it out, it was so worth it.
So since the bunting was such a big project before the wedding, of course it is turning into a big project after the wedding. I'm making a quilt!

I wanted the triangles to look like they where hanging in the sky so I cut them all away from the bias tape and sorted them into light and medium/dark. I also sorted the medium and dark triangles into green and blue because I wanted them to be evenly distributed. When we where cutting the bunting out we had a template but if a scrap was just a little too small we used it anyway. Fluttering in the breeze 20 feet in the air it was hard to tell that they weren't all exactly identical, but when making a quilt it makes things a little more difficult.  Oh well.

By now I have all the rows sewed together, but I laid it out on the living room floor and it is oriented wrong. With the points of the dark triangles pointing down, the quilt is a rectangle with a landscape orientation, but I want it to be a portrait orientation. So now I have to figure out how many triangles to take off each row to  make new rows and try to have it come out even.
I need to either take off two dark triangles and two light triangles or three of each. If I take off two from each of the eight rows that would give me 16 dark triangles to work with and 11 left in the other rows. That would mean I would only get one more row and have five of left over. But if I take off three dark triangles from each of the eight rows that would give me 24 to work with, 10 left in each row so I would get two more rows and have four left over which I could incorporate into the back, or if I'm strategic about which ones I take off I could get rid of a few of the fabrics I'm not super fond of. (The baby blue with brown polka dots came from a secret Santa thing at work last year and it is far from being my favorite fabric ever.)
I'll post again once I get it figured out and once the whole quilt is finished.

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