July 19, 2014

Rainbow Quilt

So a few years ago the mother of one of my best friends was clearing out her sewing room and got rid of a ton of scraps. She gave them to me since I was quilting a lot at that time and she knew my budget was tight and figured I could use free fabric. Of course! I have used a ton of these scraps to make a few different quilts over the years and much of the fabric for my duffle came from these buckets.

But there was a real gem buried at the bottom of one, a nearly finished rainbow quilt. I have know for a while that it was there and really should get completed but I had other things taking up my time. This week I decided I needed to bring it closer to completion.

When I found it there were five pieces plus some strips for the border. A few of the outer pieces had part of the border attached but not all of the border was there. It looked like her original plan was to have the rainbow quilt and then a solid gray border and then a black and white checked outer border.

For now this is as far as I’m going to get, but I would like to finish the quilt the way my friend’s mom intended. I’ll have to find just the right piece of gray for the border. And any thoughts on what I should use for the back or binding?

I’m thinking this would make a really fun baby quilt so I’ll definitely need the back to be something on the darker side of things so that it can go on the ground and be a play-mat and not show too much dirt. Maybe the same gray that I find for the border?

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