May 6, 2014

I made a dutch baby

Note: I wrote this back in May and had it scheduled to post, but apparently Blogger didn't cooperate, so you are getting it now, but the mention of the weather is not accurate. 

Need a special and super easy breakfast? Make a dutch baby. This was the first one I made, but they will definitely become part of our regular weekend breakfast rotation. 

I used this recipe from the Kitchn. The great thing about a dutch baby is that all the ingredients get blended up and then have to sit for half an hour before it is baked. Which was just enough time to take my cup of coffee and walk up to the store to pick up powdered sugar, a lemon and raspberries for topping it. The walk was lovely, sprinkling but not raining and when I was at the store there was a little boy who was absolutely delighted by the automatic door. It was quite amusing to watch while waiting in the check out line. 
This was really yummy. The recipe says it serves 4-6, but I ended up eating nearly the whole thing my self and was still hungry. I will make this again, but I'll need to serve it with something else to make it a complete meal. Also, the raspberries where good, but they aren't quite in season. I can't wait until they are!

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