May 5, 2014


I had some dear friends (and former roommates) get married this past weekend. Their wedding was a group effort and my friend Megan and I helped out by making the cupcakes. This was a big project. They needed 120 cupcakes and wanted red velvet. I did some internet research and decided to go with Smitten Kitchen's recipe.
The bride picked up all the ingredients at Costco and I stopped at The Decorette Shop to get cupcake liners, boxes and piping tips.
We quadrupled the recipe, which meant that we had a lot of ingredients.

That is the biggest bag of powdered sugar I have ever seen. 
We knew we needed to quadruple the recipe to get the total number of cupcakes we needed, but because I don't have a commercial kitchen, we doubled the recipe first and did two batches. We were working with four cupcake pans and had to bake two batches for each doubled recipe.

The lovely Megan, measuring 4.5 cups of sugar
Dry ingredients, all mixed up
The wet ingredients look like bad halloween decorations
Me, all ready to add dry to wet.
I wasn't sure everything would fit in the kitchen aid, but it did, just barely
Ready for the oven!
Into the oven!
I was worried about baking so many at a time and having them come out uneven, but we were on such a time crunch that we didn't really have a choice. They came out fine. I also didn't notice much of a difference between the first batch and the second, even though we left it out and the leavening had started working. 

I didn't get a picture of the naked cupcakes all lined up on my dining room table, or the frosting process. At that point I just wanted to be done, and my hands were too sticky to hold the camera.  But here is the picture that I texted to the bride to assure her that she would have cupcakes for her wedding:
We ended up running out of liners and since it was 11 o'clock at night we couldn't run out to the store, we ended up making a cake as well. 

Here is what they looked like all set up at the wedding:
We made some paper decorations for the cakes, and the bride had some gold painted baskets for the cake table.
Megan and I with our handiwork (and in our wedding finery) 

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