April 27, 2014

More Hexies

I made a bunch more hexies today. My craft room is going to be unavailable for the next week or two and I wanted to make sure that I still have a creative outlet. 

I found a bag of fabric for a quilt from a long time ago. I had started to to cut out a few squares but not sew anything together yet. I figured that was a good jumping off place. Purple, lime green and turquoise.  The plan for these hexies is to make them flowers. Depending on how many I actually make they might become a full sized quilt. I pulled some yellows for centers, a few more purples and blues and some black and white prints out of the scrap bin.

Purple, green and blue scraps

I'm going for a look similar to this. I found this hexie template which is great because you can use a rotary cutter instead of ending up with hexie claw from individually cutting out the paper templates.

I used a re-positional glue stick to baste my hexies together. This is way faster than basting them together with thread, and I haven't had an issue with the paper coming off. 

Here are the first round of hexies. There will be more, but this was what I could get done in an afternoon. 
Let me walk you through what is in my hexie kit. 


Here are the hexies that will be the petals.

Thread and Thimbles

I picked out a few different colors of thread to coordinate with my fabric. I also just found a few thimbles that had been missing, so I put them all in, since I'm not sure which one is going to be the best. 

Scissors and Needles

Any Hexie Kit must have some little scissors, these are mine. I also have several needles. I feel like I always manage to loose a few needles in the course of a hand sewing project. These are new needles, but I put them in an old needle packet I had from my grandma. It has a little piece of wool glued to the inside, which is nicer than trying to get them back into the paper holes of modern needle packets.

In the front are the hexies for petals, in the back on the left are the centers, and on the right are a few more that have been cut out, but I didn't glue the the sides down yet. 

And here is is all packed up. My mom got me this little zipper pouch years ago and it is great for portable projects. I also have a bigger one that is nice for embroidery projects, but this one is just the right size for hexies. 

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