April 6, 2014


I made a duffle! (Do you spell it duffle or duffel? Spellcheck doesn't like either one, and when I googled it, similar products came up for both) 

Front pocket and strap. I love these owls, I bought them in several colorways a few years ago and have
been fussy cutting them into all kinds of projects.  

This project has been in my head for a long time. Several years at least. Once it got out of my head and onto the sewing machine it still took a long time. Months. I’m pretty sure I drafted the pattern for this over winter break. And now it is the beginning of April and it is finally finished. I was inspired to finally make a duffle because we are planning a train trip to California this summer and I wanted something cute to take along.

 Back side. I still need to wash off the chalk markings from my quilting.

I was inspired by the shape of the Amy Butler weekender bag, but I made my own pattern. I used Elizabeth Hartman’s technique for quilted panels. The thing that I am super proud of about this bag is that basically everything is recycled or used out of my stash. The only things I bought were the snap for the outside pocket and the piping cording. (I also bought a zipper, but didn't end up using it, if I make another I will use it then.)

It stands up completely on its own!

I used fabric from my scrap bin for the outside. I went through and gathered up black and white and navy prints as well as a few other shades of blue. The straps and piping were made from some leftover border fabric from a quilt a few years ago. I think I had bought extra because I wanted to make matching pillow cases, but that never happened.

The guts of the bag are scraps of batting and cut up old blue jeans, and the lining is extra from the pillowcases for the front room. (If I do this again I will use a heavier fabric for the lining, this stuff just sort of flops around, even with being tacked to the corners.

My mom gave me this awesome black and brass zipper that she had. It was really long, I had to cut off at least six inches. The zippers for the inside pockets have been kicking around my sewing stuff for years.

I am so looking forward to getting to use this on our trip this summer and for short weekend getaways in between. Now I need to plan the perfect capsule wardrobe to take with me!

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