April 18, 2014

Sneak Peek

I’m working on a secret dress project that I can’t show you yet. But I can show you the awesome fabric I got for it. It is a coral poplin with navy polka dots, that I found at Fabric Depot for 50% off. Also, check out Fabric Depot’s cute redesigned logo, so fun!

I felt like an idiot the other day. On Monday I was babysitting in North Portland in the evening. It wasn't going to be enough time to go home after work and then go to the place where I was babysitting, but I was going to end up with some time to kill. So I figured I would go to Knittin' Kitten and find something cool for this dress project I have planned. But they are closed on Mondays. Darn! So then I was trying to think about other fabric stores in N/NE Portland that I could go to. I thought about Bolt, but figured whatever I found there might be more than I wanted to spend. So I yelped it, and then Fabric Depot came up, and I was like "oh duh" because they are literally a mile from my work. How could I forget the largest fabric store on the west coast? (To be fair, they are the opposite direction from the way I go home, it's not like I drive past it every day and forgot)

What is your favorite fabric store?

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