January 21, 2015

Project Life

I have been doing Project Life since October. Project Life is a system of scrapbooking that is supposed to be a little faster and easier than traditional scrapbooking. The page protectors have the layout already made and you just slip your pictures and the coordinating cards into the pockets. I got all my materials at Joann’s and Michaels with coupons. There are also lots of freebie cards online. I’ve found a bunch of cute ones through Pinterest.
In October when I started, I really wanted to make some layouts for the weddings we went to this year. That was my jumping off place, but then as I was going through my things I found a lot of old pictures that I had printed but never done anything with. So I ended up making a sort of “catch up” album that goes all the way back to 2006. I really like this system because it lest you add pages easily even if they are out of order.

Meredith and Jordan's wedding

Jess and Daniel's wedding celebration

I scrapped most of the fall and winter using project life as well. The original idea was to have one layout be one week. The design A pages have eight 4x6 spots, so you could have one title card and then 7 pictures, one for each day. I am not doing that, but I did scrap on a semi-weekly basis.
One of my favorite :catch up" layouts. For the summer of 2010.

For 2015 I’d like to try and continue scrapping weekly or monthly. I am going to let it be pretty organic. So far, I haven’t taken any photos, and we are three weeks in. (Probably mostly has to do with the camera on my phone being broken.) Here is my title page for 2015.

I am using the Jade edition cards as well as scrapbook paper that I had that I’ve cut down. I am using a variety pack of page protectors as well as some regular scrapbooking 12x12 page protectors and some office depot letter sized page protectors.  
Another thing that I am going to try and keep up on for 2015 is making a list of all the books I have finished.

How do you keep track of pictures and memories?

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