January 13, 2015

Quilt UFOs

Image via Sam Hunter

A UFO is an Unfinished Object. I recently joined the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and this year they are doing a UFO challenge. At the start of the year we have to commit to the UFOs we will finish this year, so here is my list before I turn it in on Thursday.

1. Bunting Quilt 
2. Green/Purple/Black Triangles
3. Vintage Dresden Plates
4. Green Map of the States
5. Rainbow Stars
6. Empress Tiles
7. Pink and Green Pinwheels

Several of these are tops that are finished and are just waiting for the right recipient, or enough money to buy the batting and backing. The rest are blocks or pieces that need a little more work to get to completion. 

Follow along as I try to complete all of these in the next 12 months. Can she do it?

I have nine of these blocks that need to be turned into a top. 

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